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You haven't seen flexibility until you've seen Ash in action. She has trained and instructed yoga around the world and we absolutely share her passion for the mental and physical benefits of daily practice. She's also a body alignment specialist which probably explains how she can get into some of her amazing postures! See more on Ash on her website here.

 Kula athletic ambassador - Ash Constance

You are elite in your field, can you tell us how you got into it and why you love it?
I have been practising yoga ever since I was little, I remember following YogaTV it on Foxtel, and was completely fascinated by the effect it has on the physiology of the body. I love it because it focuses, rejuvenates, renenergizes me. It solidifies and grounds me. Opens me up, makes me feel stronger, more mobile, more capable, more agile.. Basically, it brings me back to 'me'. Reconnecting to my self. My real, raw, authentic self.

What does your typical day look like?
I usually wake up about 5am, and either teach or practise a 6am class at one of my local studios. I then get ready to put my 'chiro' hat on, and have back-to-back patients lined up at my beautiful clinic in Eltham. Later evening, I usually will teach a class as well. I am hardly ever home, but I absolutely love what I do!

Has your sport taken you to any wonder spots on this planet?
I have been lucky enough to travel and teach in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Palm Springs, San Fran, Bali, Vienna, Paris, Prague. I even learnt how to speak German, and lived in Vienna teaching yoga in the Vienese dialect for a quite some time.

Training hard is one thing but diet is so important, do you follow any particular diet or routine?
It sure is. I am a vegan, and have been so for the past 12 years.

If you can spend your birthday anywhere and with anyone, what would you be doing?
With my family, somewhere beautiful such as Byron Bay.

Are you a dog or cat person?
BOTH. Can't decide. I have one of each. Love them all!

Kula athletic ambassador - Ash Constance

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