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Angela Abbott - Pole Athlete

by Kula Athletic |

Angela Abbott is not only a self taught pole, calisthenics and yogini - she is also a mum of three! Her incredible strength and grace on the pole is such an inspirationWho says you can't juggle fitness and being a mum?! We love her and you can follow Angela spinning around the pole and doing pulls up here.

Kula Athletic Ambassador - Angela Abbott profile pic

Can you tell us how you got into your favourite sport/exercise and why you love it?

I found my sporting passion a little later in life than most people; at the age of 29. Towards the end of 2015, I was working as a personal trainer and one of my clients was taking pole dancing classes at a local studio. I had always been curious about this “pole fitness” so she invited me to come along to a private lesson at the studio to see what it was all about. I didn’t really know what to expect as I, like many others, assumed that there is only one type of pole dancing – the exotic kind! I was quite nervous but I was willing to be open minded and have fun trying something that would take me out of my comfort zone. When my client and the instructor started performing some tricks on the pole, I was completely blown away by their strength and athleticism. This pole fitness thing was not at all what I had expected! Of course there was an element of sexy, but what stood out to me was how powerful and graceful they looked. I was instantly hooked and wanted to be able to do what they could do! And from that day on, I committed myself to becoming the best pole athlete I can possibly be! It’s crazily addictive. There is nothing quite like the feeling of pride you get when you nail a new move. And there are clever new tricks being created every day, so you can never run out of new things to try. It is also a medium for self expression - you can convey any emotion/mood on the pole. It’s art and sport in one!  

Women spinning around the pole in a red leotardWomen doing pull up on pole wearing black leotard

What does your typical day look like?

My day typically starts with the mad rush of getting my three children out of bed, dressed, fed and taking them to school. After dropping them off, I go to the gym. I lift weights 4-5 days a week to keep my body strong and injury free. After that I run errands until it’s time to pick the kids up. After school, we often go to a park with some bars so I can do a little bit of calisthenics while the kids play, or maybe the beach where I do a little bit of yoga/stretching as they swim. I typically leave my pole training for the late afternoons. I start warming up at around 4:30pm and then pole until about 6:30pm. Then it’s dinner, bath and bed time for the kids! Sometimes I do some more yoga/stretching before heading to bed myself around 10pm.

Training hard is one thing but diet is so important, do you follow any particular diet or routine?

I don’t follow one specific diet but I have experimented with a few different approaches to nutrition and I’ve adopted the parts that worked well for me. I don’t believe there is one perfect diet that is ideal for everyone; that’s why it’s so important to do your own research and experimentation to find what works well for you. I have figured out which foods don’t agree with me and I try my best to avoid them – those are sugar, dairy, grains, soy and anything artificial. My diet mostly consists of meat/fish/eggs, organic vegetables, nuts and seeds. I’m not strict about it and I don’t panic if I do eat something from my “avoid” list, I am just aware that I probably won’t feel or perform at my best afterwards.

If you can spend your birthday anywhere and with anyone, what would you be doing?

No matter how many times I have already been, the Southwest coast of Australia never fails to enchant me. I would gladly spend my birthday somewhere down that way with my hubby and kids.

Are you a dog or cat person?

Hard question! I have had both as pets and loved them equally! But a dog’s love and loyalty is unparalleled :)

Women practicing yoga on a beach at sunset wearing black leggings and grey crop top

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