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Casey Cheah - Yoga, Barre and Dance Instructor

by Kula Athletic |

We're not going to lie, we are huge fans of latin dancing at Kula and Casey Cheah has a rare talent of not only being an exceptional dancer but is also a wonderful yoga and barre instructor. She was recently spotted making people work up a sweat instructing barre at Wanderlust 108 in Melbourne! Check out her website here.

You are elite in your field, can you tell us how you got into it and why you love it?
I first started ballet when I was 5 years old. My mum was a dancer so it was inevitable I started ballet at a young age. I then transitioned into contemporary dance, and then moved into latin and ballroom. During university I started practicing yoga to help my dancing as I was dancing semi-professionally at that stage. But once I started yoga I fell in love with it all on its own! I had always taught dance through University but once I graduated I ended up in a corporate HR role. Six years on I decided it wasn't for me and I quit my corporate job to go back to what I loved - teaching! Thats when my yoga teaching career took off and I also went back to teaching dance - albeit mostly wedding couples now.

What does your typical day look like?
Every day is so different but usually its an early wake up at 5am. I love listening to a motivational/inspiration/educational podcast first thing in the morning - it gets me in a great headspace. I might teach a 6.30am class, then have breakfast. Back to the studio to teach a 9.30am class, again teaching at 12pm and again usually in the evening. Depending on my schedule I would try and squeeze a class in for myself in an open timeslot. I would try and rest in the afternoon after teaching the lunch time session, but I could also be doing work on the computer, teaching privates, or going to the gym.

Has your sport taken you to any wonder spots on this planet?
I've taught yoga and barre on a Barre Body retreat in Bali, based at Desa Seni in Canggu which is absolutely gorgeous. Through dance, I've travelled all around Australia to compete, and I have also performed in Jakarta, Bali. Both times I went to Bali however I've ended up sick, so not sure I'll be going back! Other than that I've travelled to many more wonder spots on the planet but usually to explore and try new things - and to have a break from yoga and dance!

Training hard is one thing but diet is so important, do you follow any particular diet or routine?
I don't follow a specific diet other than eating what makes me feel good! Most of the time I eat clean, but I won't lie, there could be the odd white chocolate or tim tam in there too...! In terms of routine - I love routine, but because every day is so different I've had to get used to a more 'go with the flow' kinda way of life... I have regular classes but the in between bits of my day vary so much! And I've now grown to enjoy that too.

If you can spend your birthday anywhere and with anyone, what would you be doing?
Wow there are so many things! I would spend it with my partner Byron, probably overseas somewhere sunny on the beach. I've always wanted to go to the Maldives so that would probably be my dream destination!

Are you a dog or cat person?
I recently got bitten by a dog, so right now, probably a cat person!

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