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Barre Tips for First Timers

by Kula Athletic |

Ever wanted to give barre a whirl? Our wonderful ambassador and barre instructor Casey Cheah shares her top tips for first timers in our blog post this week.


Barre tips for first timers

Getting to the barre for the first time can be tricky…not knowing what to expect, not knowing if you’ll be fit enough, flexible enough, coordinated enough… I’m here to tell you that none of that matters! Just being motivated and excited to trying something new is the most important ingredient.

Barre workouts are a combination of ballet, yoga and pilates type movements that combine together to give you a full body workout. The workouts are based on interval style fitness, where we work on both strength and increasing your heart rate, then bringing it back down for stretchy, slower movements. The workout should feel amazing on both your body and mind.

You’ll start by warming up your body with full movements including a combination of stretchy, flowy style actions as well as activating and turning on the muscles you’ll be focusing on in the class. From there, you will seamlessly move into working your arms, glutes, thighs and core, before cooling down, stretching and being rewarded with a lovely savasana at the end. Most classes usually go for an hour, however you may find lunchtime classes and express classes on the schedule too. 

If you are a first timer and haven’t done much exercise before, don’t worry! There are always plenty of modifications and level 1 movements that teachers will offer you in the class. It’s not a case of push until you drop, but rather listening to your body, taking rests when you need but also encouraging you to try something new and different too. Instructors will encourage you to love your body wherever you’re at right now, not punishing you for not getting it right.

When you first arrive, turn up 10-15 minutes early so you have time to check out the studio, get settled in, sign any forms required and grab the equipment you’ll need for the class. Mats are usually provided but feel free to use your own if you prefer. Bring a water bottle and wear something comfortable – leggings (women) or track pants (men), and a singlet will be fine. If it’s chilly, bring a jumper you can pop on for the stretches and savasana at the end. If you have an injuries or are pregnant – don’t worry there are lots of suitable modifications for you! Ensure you tell the teacher before class starts so they can look out for you during the workout.

After class, make sure you have a chat to your teacher as they will be keen to find out how you went. It’s also a good time to discuss any concerns you have or simply tell the teacher how amazing you feel :) Hydrate, eat something nutritious and make sure you rebook in for your next session!

Casey Cheah
Yoga, Barre, Dance

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