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Beach day workout tips

by Kula Athletic |

Summer wouldn't really be summer if you didn’t spend at least a few days on the beach, right?

Well, if you’re looking to have a relaxing day stretched out on a beach towel with your favourite book but hesitant to skip your normal exercise schedule, we’ve got you covered. Kula Athletic's beach day workout tips make your day at the beach fun and active. You can even keep those New Year's fitness resolutions going while at the beach too, win!

HIIT workout

High-intensity interval training is a great activity to do at the beach because it takes no equipment whatsoever. Burpees, long jumps, mountain climbers can all be done right on the sand, complete in your bathing suit and ready for a refreshing dip in the sea after.

Here’s an example of a challenging set that you can fit in at any time of the day, but, of course, feel free to mix-and-match and tailor it to your fitness goals:

  • Lateral lunges - begin by standing upright with your legs together. Step out to one side and bend that knee to 90 degrees, keeping the other leg straight. Shift your weight back to centre and bring your feet together again. Repeat on the other side
  • Surfer get-ups - try this one out by starting in a low plank position. When you’re ready, pop up to a low squat with one foot out in front of the other, as if you’re standing up on a surfboard. Lower yourself back down into plank and repeat until the end of the interval
  • Down dog push ups - you’ve worked out your legs and your glutes, now it’s time to focus on the upper body. Start out in a downward facing dog pose and then shift your body forward and down into a pushup. Instead of ending in a high plank, push all the way through back to down dog. Repeat

Beach games

If you’re not one for interval training, you might more fun playing beach games like beach volleyball or soccer. By playing on a difficult surface like sand, you’re sure to get in your cardio and work your legs, core and even muscles you never knew existed.

Take advantage of your surroundings

Plenty of beach-goers get in their daily dose of exercise simply by enjoying the elements. Running on the beach, swimming, paddle boarding and yoga (new to yoga? read our blog about the different types of yoga) are all great ways to take advantage of the beach while also staying active. As long as you make it a priority to get up and moving for at least part of your day, you won’t feel as if you’ve skipped a workout.

Of course, the most important thing to remember is to enjoy it, do what you want and make the most of those beautiful beaches we have around us :)

If you enjoyed this post you can read more at Kula Athletic's blog.

Namaste xx

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