How To Find the Best Black Leggings

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Within the last decade, we’ve experienced a major (and delightful) fashion shift. What used to be confined to gymnastics and yoga studios has infiltrated other forms of exercise and changed the way we think about casual and even formal attire. Comfortable, flexible, and versatile. This piece of clothing has it all.

We’re, of course, talking about leggings. A solid pair of the best black leggings can be your most useful item of clothing, although, in all honesty, you can never have just one.

Finding the best black leggings can be a bit of a chore, but here at Kula Athletic, we’ve researched long and hard about the characteristics of the perfect pair. Here’s our take on what leggings need to make the cut.


It doesn’t really make sense to spend good money on leggings that you can only wear for one activity, so the first thing you should consider when looking for the right pair is versatility. This is going to boil down to the cut, material, and durability.

Fit and style

Obviously you want leggings that fit you well, but with different styles and cuts, it’s actually harder to find the best fit than you would expect. Here are a few variations that you should look out for.

  • Compression - some leggings offer compression in order to more closely hug the muscles, keeping them warm and protecting from strains. For aerobic activity, they also prevent chafing. We like this style because they don’t look different from other leggings so they can be used for exercise and are trendy enough for casual wear
  • Waist - the best style for most types of exercise is high-waisted. After all, it’s frustrating to have to stop and pull up your leggings every five minutes. Plus, if you’ve found a pair that really hugs your form, you can wear this style underneath most shirts seamlessly for more everyday use
  • Length - again, if you want to get the most out of your leggings, you want something that you can wear on multiple occasions. That means full-length or ankle-length leggings that look great with running shoes and heels, alike


    While shiny materials look great for exercise leggings, they can come off as pretty loud in other settings. Instead, you want something in matte black so that they look trendy without being too obviously dual-purpose.

    No matter what material you choose, whether it’s sweat wicking or more of a cotton base, you should not be able to see through your leggings. It can be pretty embarrassing to be out in public and realise that everyone can see your underwear in the sunlight.


    There’s nothing more disappointing than buying a pair of best black leggings only to find holes in them within a few weeks because of constant wear. The only way to avoid this is to look for high-quality manufacturing. Our favorite is the Kula Athletic Havanna Compression Leggings, that have been made to last and look brand new every time you wear them.

    Have your own list of best black legging requests? Share your trendy and functional must-have Australian activewear and yoga clothes with us and read more of our blog posts here

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