Top 5 Winter Fitness Tips

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Even the most dedicated athletes find it tempting to skip a workout during winter – the temperature drops, the sun disappears by 5pm and suddenly nothing could be more appealing than a night spent huddling on the couch in our PJs. Whilst we’re all guilty of skipping a workout from time to time, it’s important to maintain regular exercise throughout the colder months to maintain strength, flexibility and cardio fitness.

Routine and motivation are essential so here are our top 5 winter fitness tips to help keep you moving this winter.

1 - Train in the mornings

Darkness can be a huge factor when it comes to ditching our workouts. For many of us, it’s already dark by the time we finish work or we may not feel safe running or walking in the dark. To combat this, start training in the mornings instead. Set the alarm an hour earlier, put your gear on and get going! If it takes a while to wake up properly, head straight for the shower first for an extra burst of energy. Morning workouts will also allow you to get home and relax on the couch in the evenings, guilt-free.

2 - Head straight to the studio or gym

For those who prefer to go to the studio or gym after work just head straight there. By coming home first we increase our chances of staying in for the night. Home is warm, comfortable and filled with all too many tempting reasons to prevent us from heading back out.

3 - Get a home workout routine

For those of us who don’t have a studio or gym membership and prefer to exercise outside, winter can often present a challenge when it brings bad weather. Bouts of rain will quickly put a dampener on any afternoon run, so it’s important to make sure we have an indoor workout routine as back-up.

Sets of bodyweight exercises such as sit-ups, squats and burpees are a fantastic way to target key muscle groups without leaving the house. Skipping is also a great form of cardio and YouTube has hundreds of workout channels to help inspire or add to your routine. No more excuses!

4 - Train for an event or set a fitness goal

Having something tangible to work towards can have a huge impact on our motivation and focus throughout winter. Whether its competing in a spring half-marathon, achieving a bikini body in time for summer or finally being able to hold that handstand, setting goals will help to bring a sense of purpose to our winter workouts, making them easier to get through.

    5 - Find a workout buddy

    By sharing your workouts with a friend, partner or colleague, you’ll be far less likely to skip them because someone is holding you accountable. Sure, it may be 6am and freezing cold but your workout buddy is on their way to pick you up. Time to get moving!

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