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Finding Your Pre-workout Meal

by Kula Athletic |

Usually when we’re prepping for a workout, we’re only thinking about how many reps, seconds of plank or down dogs will get us to our target weight.

What you should also be thinking about is how you’re fueling your body to make sure your workout is as effective as possible. This means planning for a proper pre-workout meal - a portion-controlled, highly-nutritious dish that provides just the right amount of energy without making you feel like you’d rather take a nap.

Here at Kula Athletic, we know that the science behind the nutrition can get a bit convoluted, so here’s a simple breakdown of our favorite pre-workout meal.


Cramming in a quick bite on your way to the barre is not a great way to start off your workout. Instead, plan to eat between one to three hours before you exercise, so that your body has enough time to digest and convert that food into energy.


Carbohydrates get a bad rap, but they are really beneficial to your workout regime. Simple carbs in particular are easily broken down into the glucose that your body will use to fuel your body during the peak of endurance. Usually, people get nervous about introducing simple carbs into their diet. After all, they are easily absorbed and turned into fat, so it can be easy to go overboard. The key is to have something small but nutritionally-dense. Try out some of these recipes:

  • Granola and a handful of your favorite fruit with yogurt
  • Buckwheat and blueberries with a dash of honey and almond milk


When we weight-lift, we’re actually making small tears in our muscle tissue. Our bodies then regenerate the tissue slightly stronger, leading to that visible growth that we all strive for. Studies show that eating protein before weight lifting or body toning can aid in this process of protein synthesis. Here are some of our favorite protein-based meals:

  • A brown rice bowl with chickpeas, broccoli and a leafy green
  • A smoothie with almond butter, milk and spinach


Here’s another that usually gets side-glances but is great for lower intensity workouts. By lower intensity, we don’t mean easier, but rather something like that longer run or all-day hike. For these workouts, fatty foods will make you feel fuller longer and can provide your body with energy for a longer period of time. Try these out:

  • Avocado on multigrain sourdough toast with a glass of nut milk (almond, cashew, whatever you prefer)
  • A granola mix with fat-rich nuts like walnuts or sunflower seeds, and dried figs

Load up and get out there!

As you can see, your pre-workout meal doesn’t have to be extravagant, just grab something simple and highly nutritious but make sure to find what works for you.

Whatever your exercise routine, be mindful about your pre-workout meal and ensure you’re decked out in the right gear.

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