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Is tumeric latte actually good for you?

by Kula Athletic |

On first consideration, a turmeric latte may seem like a less than tasty option. After all, turmeric has been traditionally used in savory and spicy dishes. So, the idea of this strange yellow root vegetable thing taking center stage in a sweet beverage might not be so appetizing.

Yet, soon as you pair turmeric with a nut-based milk like almond or coconut, some ginger, and honey or agave, you’ve got a latte drink that you can enjoy any time of day. In fact, it’s become something of a trend both here in Australia and overseas.

Why? It’s easily vegan. It’s caffeine-free. It’s delicious. And it’s actually good for you.

Too good to be true? Well, what's so exciting about using turmeric is that its main compound, curcmin, has a whole list of health benefits. We at Kula Athletic did some digging and here's what we found.

Physical benefits

  • For one thing, curcumin is anti-inflammatory. That means great skin, less muscle pain, and lower risk of chronic diseases like heart disease and arthritis. Foods that are anti-inflammatory are even credited with reducing the risk of diabetes and some cancers
  • It’s anti-bacterial. Foods that are anti-bacterial are able to improve digestive health (read more on maintaining good gut health in our post here) by promoting healthy bacteria and preventing infections. Even if you’re experiencing mild stomach pain, this drink is sure to help ease your discomfort

Taking care of your mental health

  • Curcumin has been known to relieve depression. This goes beyond the simple joy and relaxation that comes with drinking a warm tasty beverage. The compound has actually been found to decrease symptoms of depression similarly to anti-depressants but without the negative side-effects
  • Remember when we mentioned that anti-inflammatory foods are good for your physical health? Well, it turns out they can boost your mental health and cognitive stamina as well. Reducing inflammation in the brain can act as a buffer against cognitive diseases like Alzheimer's

So what’s the best way to jump on the turmeric bandwagon? 

Well, there are lots of cafes that have added turmeric lattes to their menus, and some stores are selling packaged powders that you can mix at home. Our favourite is Golden Grind which is 100% organic, all natural and has no added sugar. You can even make it from scratch if you’re up for it. Making them at home also means that you can add in other ingredients, like a dash of pepper for better absorption or cinnamon for better flavour.

Regardless of where you get your golden milk, experts say you’ll probably need to drink two a day in order to reap the benefits. As delicious as these lattes are, that doesn’t sound like such a bad deal at all!

Liked this post? You can read more at Kula Athletic's blog here.

Namaste x

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