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Try a new fitness class

by Kula Athletic |

With the beginning of 2018, you might have set a New Year’s fitness resolution involving losing weight or living a more healthy lifestyle. We at Kula Athletic are all up for bringing on new goals especially when it involves something challenging and new to shake things up a bit. Besides, if you do what you’ve always done, you will get what you’ve always got!

So, to maintain these new year goals and keep that body guessing, how about trying out a new exercise class? Here are just a few to put on your radar and check out.

F45 training

F45 has been around for a while now but there’s a reason they are getting bigger and bigger, because they are awesome! It’s pretty rare to find a 45 minute workout that can burn up to 800 calories and doesn’t make you want to crawl to the door halfway through. Each class has a unique theme as well as lively music, friendly and encouraging instructors, and a open, fun atmosphere. You’ll wonder how 45 minutes could fly by so quickly.

HIIT dance fitness

Another HIIT workout that packs it in, dance fitness classes get you really moving and make you look good in the process :) Even if you think you’re not a great dancer, these classes are designed to ease you into the rhythm through the exercises that you’re probably already familiar with like star jumps and lunges etc. Give Zumba’s STRONG fit workout a go which landed in Australia last year and is making waves.

Boxing fusions

When we think of boxing, we usually picture the traditional setup: a ring and a punching bag. But lately we’ve seen a shakeup of that tired style. Nowadays, you might find yourself in a class that fuses pilates and boxing (check out Boxilates) in order to increase strength and flexibility. This class is really going to challenge all your muscle groups, keep you engaged and, of course, buff.

Indoor cycling

Chances are you’ve heard of Soulcycle, the US fitness craze popular with celebrities (read more on top celebrity workout routines). Well there are a number of cool boutique indoor cycling gyms popping up all over Australia like Cycology Club in Sydney. This cool place is like walking into a nightclub than a gym and focuses on rhythmic cycling where you ride to the beat of the music. It also incorporates upper body movements to provide a complete workout.

Mix and match

The important thing to remember this year is: you don’t have to stick to the same, boring routine. Try out new classes, ditch the ones that you don’t enjoy, keep a positive mindset and, most importantly, stay active. Signing up to Class Pass is also a great way to get access to a whole range of different classes too.

Found a new workout you are loving right now? We’d love to here from you and you can read more of our Kula Athletic blog posts here.

Namaste x

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