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by Sarah Wallace •

black KULA leggings squat proof steel blue sweat wicking

Developing the Optimal Legging

LEGGINGS, the one piece of clothing almost every female over the age of 15 has in their wardrobe. You know, the perfect black leggings that you wear every other day! You wear them to a work out, then to coffee, the school run, to the shops, travelling (oh how we miss it!) or even just around the house. No matter what you use them for, we know you have a trusty pair that you always reach for!  So what do we look for in the ‘perfect’ legging for us ladies? There is so much to consider when finding the best fit for your body and lifestyle, and let's face it, everyone’s body is different and not every size 10 body is the same shape either!  Here at KULA Athletic, we spent months developing and testing our new BASE Collection LUNAR leggings. It took sleepless nights, countless hours and a whole lot of guts to get these leggings to where they are now. Being active ladies ourselves, Tamara a gym junkie and fitness fanatic and Sarah, an active mum of 2 school age children getting to the gym when I can, we knew we could put our brains together and come up with the ultimate legging to suit all shapes and sizes for all bodies. FABRIC Holy moly there is a tonne of fabric in the world and we were not expecting the selection to be endless! The upside is we knew what we wanted, and the main thing was for the fabric to be squat proof. We narrowed it down (slightly) to find fabrics that were moisture wicking and quick dry. We went with a nylon/spandex blend which allowed for all the above as well as flexibility for maximum movement and the way it feels on your skin (OMG), almost like you’re wearing nothing at all! COLOUR Let’s face it, no matter how many leggings you have in your closet, most of us will always go to our trusty black leggings. We felt it was critical to design a pair of black leggings in order to appeal to a large group of women. We were also fortunate enough to come across the perfect shade of steel blue which we used to compliment our black range.  DESIGN and FIT So how do you create activewear that looks good, feels good and makes you do good too? The way leggings fit is the key element when designing. After years of personal research and development with all kinds of leggings from different brands, we found that falling/rolling down and camel toe to be the two most common annoyances when working out. It was super important to us to eliminate this during any exercise. We went with the corseted waist around most of the waistband and then opted for a seamless waist at the front. Not only do the leggings hug your body and stay up, but they stay in place while exercising. We felt it was essential to design a legging with a high waist as well to ensure all body’s felt supported around the midsection. We also found that almost all leggings with a vertical seam up the front was contributing to our discomfort (camel toe!). This is where we came up with the idea to get rid of the vertical altogether and work with an inner gusset instead (no more pulling down your leggings ladies!) After squatting, lunging, running (including chasing children) and sipping latte’s KULA Athletic’s leggings has you covered for whatever life throws at you!