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Update on UNICEF's work in Sri Lanka

by Kula Athletic |

As a company, we love being a part of the athletic community in Sydney. But we’re also interested in the role we play in the community, especially where our manufacturing partners are based. One way we’ve tried to help has been to support UNICEF in Sri Lanka, an organisation dedicated to protecting one of the most vulnerable populations: children.

There are a few ongoing projects that UNICEF has established in Sri Lanka, including advocacy and direct work in the areas of nutrition, education, water and sanitation, and child protection. Additionally, the research done by them is invaluable to influencing legislation and guiding humanitarian efforts in the country.

As we donate $2 on every garment sold to them, we thought we would provide a short overview of UNICEF’s current projects.

Nutrition. Poor nutrition and malnourishment are serious concerns in Sri Lanka, with a significant amount of children experiencing developmental problems or difficulties in school as a result of nutrition-related health issues. UNICEF has worked the Sri Lankan government to create a multifaceted approach to nutrition and helped organise the National Nutrition Council to tackle the problem.

Education. Challenges in schooling range from educational disparities based on location, under-resourced teachers, outdated infrastructure, and lack of early education programs. To address these concerns, UNICEF launched a program called Learning Years, which seeks to provide universal quality education across the country.

Water and Sanitation. Part of the work that UNICEF has been doing in this area is to delve further into assessment of community access to clean water. What they’ve found is that although the country has a high national average of families with access to improved water sources, there are major risks for people living in rural communities, families who have been relocated, and any regions exposed to natural disasters.  

Child Protection. In order to protect children in Sri Lanka, much of UNICEF’s job has been to provide safe spaces for children exposed to domestic violence and abuse. In addition, they’ve worked on a legal and political level by influencing policy and implementing local protocol for cases of child abuse.

UNICEF is a powerful force in addressing some of the most pressing issues that children face around the world, and here at Kula Athletic, we would like to thank you everyone that has supported our journey to give back, as every little bit counts.

Namaste xx Kula

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