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How long does it take to get fit?

by Sarah Wallace |

There’s something really frustrating about stepping onto the scale after a few weeks of going the gym regularly just to notice that you’ve actually not lost any weight at all. In that moment, it’s easy to look back on all the times that you spent an extra five minutes on the stationary bike or denied yourself those delicious treats that all of your coworkers were eating right in front of you.

The struggle, in other words, is real.

But, at KULA Athletic, we’re here to remind you that even if you’re not seeing the significant results that you expected at this point in your training, it’s okay. Getting into shape is a process, and learning more about how long you may have to wait before you start noticing visible results might help to keep you motivated through the slump.

The First Two Months

You can think about these 6 to 8 weeks a little bit like laying the groundwork for that definite toning you’re going to see later on in your workout journey. That’s because, during this early stage, you’re setting up a schedule that will have some great benefits, even if they seem minor or unimportant now.

For one, the first two months will really focus on finding the perfect diet to complement your workouts. By eating healthy, reducing processed foods, and drinking a ton of water, your body is going to immediately start feeling less bogged down and bloated.

You’ll also be learning how to stick to a regimented workout routine during the first two months. While it may seem like you’re struggling to find the motivation, you should be applauding yourself each time you set aside the time to get a workout in. After all, each time you mark another day of training on your calendar, you’re closer to your ultimate goal. That mental stamina is going to be really important.

Two to Four Months

During these months, you’re going to face a variety of challenges that you’ll have to overcome before you see those sought-after results. We don’t say this to scare you. Instead, we want to normalise the experience as much as possible so that you don’t throw away your running shoes after 13 weeks of no change.

So what do we mean by challenges?

Well, physically, you may find yourself having to adjust your workouts to overcome exercise plateaus. If you’ve been running three miles four times a week for the past two months, your body will become accustomed to that amount of exercise, so you’ll have to add some hills or extra miles into your runs.

Then, there’s the mental. Thinking about how long it takes to get fit implies that there’s an end goal, which is really tricky to set when it comes to fitness. Everyone gets fit at different paces, and you may have to consider that your body will change at the pace that makes sense, biologically and genetically, for you.

That said, if you stick to a structured schedule, eat healthy, and get plenty of sleep and recovery time, you’re going to start feeling healthy and fit pretty quickly after you start your new exercise routine.

As far as the visible results, they’ll come in time. Trust us.

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