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Why we should all dance

by Kula Athletic |

Let’s face it, traditional exercise regimens just aren’t for everyone. The predictability, the repetition, the stationary equipment. Luckily, for everyone who likes to have a little variety in their routine or are just sick of looking at that same paint chip on the wall in front of the treadmill, there is a fun and effective alternative: dance.

Why we should all dance? Well, dance is a form of exercise that is diverse, engaging, and, best of all, really good for you! So if you’re looking to switch up your routine, take a look at the Kula Athletic top reasons for adding dance to your workout schedule.

The physical benefits

What is so beneficial about dancing is that whether you’re foxtrotting around a dancefloor or doing Zumba in front of the mirror at home, you’re going to be getting your heartrate up. You can burn up to 300 calories every half hour that you dance, which is comparable to other cardio exercises like running or cycling. And while some forms of dance are less rigorous than others, you will definitely be building endurance no matter what style you choose.

Dancing can also bring about positive changes that you hadn’t even considered. Unlike doing reps or squats, dancing forces your body to move in unpredictable patterns - sometimes side to side, sometimes up and down - which activates your muscle groups in different ways. Over time, you’ll find that you’re more flexible and light on your feet, even when you’re not dancing.

Improve your mental health

We’ve talked before about the importance of mental wellness in your overall health routine. Luckily, dancing is the perfect way to keep yourself focused, connected, and, most importantly, happy.

Studies show there are both immediate and long-lasting improvements in mood as the result of a one hour dance class so you’ll probably be leaving that studio feeling pretty refreshed and upbeat. Another interesting advantage of dancing when it comes to mental health is its inherent social element. When it comes to wellbeing, we’re happier when we’re connected, and dancing is an amazing way to engage with others and start building a community.

When you consider the long-term effects of the uptick in happiness, the social scene and putting yourself out there, signing up for a dance class is truly a commitment to living a more healthy and happy life.

So what are you waiting for?

Clearly, dancing has the potential to make your exercise routine a little bit more fun. Whether you prefer hip hop, waltz or like to keep things Latin like us at Kula Athletic it’s definitely time to start shaking it up!

And remember to wear some great fitting gear which provide the right level of support and allow that free movement. Kula Athletic’s Havana Compression Leggings are perfect for those training and dance social nights and can also be beautifully styled with the matching Mila Crop.

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