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by Kula Athletic •

Fitness Trends in 2017

2017 has been a great year for exercise. We’ve hit the gym for HIIT training. We’ve done sun salutations in the park. We’ve allowed technology to enhance our overall wellness regimen. With the year going strong, the Kula Athletic team wants to take a moment to highlight some of our favorite fitness trends in 2017. Tracking: remember a few years ago when everyone had a step counter clipped onto their belt loop? Well this year saw a wonderful improvement: the tracking watch. In 2017, everyone seems to have some kind of athletic tracker attached to their wrist. And this ability to track data without having to diligently document it by hand is a great way to hone your workouts and build motivation to keep up the hard work HIIT: high-intensity interval workouts have been all the rage for a little bit over a year, and for good reason. These workouts are accessible to everyone and can be done just about everywhere. As long as they’re done safely, HIIT sessions are a great way to build endurance and muscle Group work: let’s face it, exercising alone was never that much fun. One trend that has totally solved that problem is the group class. In fact, if you’ve ever passed a gym when a kickboxing or zumba class was in session, you probably had the urge to jump right in. It’s that infectious element of group classes that we find so noteworthy (and yes to the amazing class options with Class Pass)! Mindfulness: we love that in 2017, we’ve found a way to add a little peace to our high-energy fitness routines. And though mindfulness has been around for while (centuries even!), this year we benefitted from a few scientific studies that showed the neuroscientific benefits of this practice on our overall health. An added advantage? Mindfulness, or meditation, is something that you can do anywhere at almost any time. You can even reap the benefits with just ten minutes a day Branching out from the gym: alright, technology made this list twice because it has really been a life-saver this year. Online fitness subscriptions, free videos, apps and meetup websites have totally changed the game when it comes to our workouts. Whenever we have a few free minutes, we can bring the gym to wherever we are with 30-minute guided HIIT workouts. We can use apps to remind us to get in a few extra miles after work. We can even use technology to meet up with some great fitness-minded people like ourselves. Seriously, this year has been great for exercise tech Corporate exercise plans: lucky for us, our employers have started becoming attuned to our fitness needs as well. And, yes, it might be a bit selfish (there are plenty of studies now that link high productivity in the workplace with physical and mental health) but we don’t care! We’re just happy to have a reduced-price gym membership or corporate yoga on Fridays If you have found this year as fitness-wonderful as we have, let us know your favourite fitness trends in 2017! You can also read more of our blog posts here or check out the latest Australian activewear and yoga clothes here.